Danish bathroom furniture

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Practical, moisture-resistant, easy to clean, properly impregnated – such slogans come to mind when thinking about bathroom furniture. And what if they are also beautiful, durable and very roomy? Throughout the twentieth century, the Danes perfected the art of creating simple, nice and practical furniture. Danish design has resisted the temptation to create overly decorative things, which today, after many years, turns out to be the most desirable solution in European homes and apartments.

A bathroom with a Scandinavian soul

SNEKEN offers you hand-made, beautiful Danish bathroom furniture. Bathroom furniture made in the Scandinavian spirit is designed for many years of use in a humid environment. They are resistant to factors such as temperature changes, steam generated while bathing or moisture. During production, all our furniture is properly impregnated and protected against water, thanks to which it can be easily dried and washed and does not discolor.

Scandinavian bathroom furniture SNEKEN are various types of bathroom cabinets and posts, which are hand-made to order. They are easy to use and very roomy – you can hide items such as towels for the whole family, cosmetics, hair dryer, electric shaver and other everyday bathroom items.

Personalized bathroom furniture to size

You have the option of personalizing the handles for bathroom furniture, which will make your furniture one of a kind. The furniture is varnished according to the RAL color palette, so each client can freely choose the color of his future bathroom cabinets.

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