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SNEKEN custom-made kitchens are our specialty. We present you handmade Scandinavian kitchen furniture. What are the? Functional, roomy, ergonomic on the one hand. On the other hand, it is light, simple and simply beautiful. In our carpentry shop, we produce three types of kitchen furniture: BASIC and SLIMLINE.

Masterful precision

All the elements of built-in kitchen furniture are hand-made in a workshop in Denmark, which allows full control over the production stage. From the largest front to the smallest construction and decorative detail. We won’t miss any detail.

The enclosures are made of very good materials, and the fronts are finished with veneers or painted in the RAL palette (to choose from). We offer a very diverse selection of handle types that you can choose individually, even in such a detailed aspect as the surface of the finish. We encourage you to play with colors and forms to make your kitchen one of a kind.