Danish Wardrobes

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A custom-made wardrobe has one big mission to fulfill and several smaller ones. First of all, it must fit hundreds of items, and at the same time allow them to be conveniently organized and provide easy and quick access to clothes or shoes. A Scandinavian-style dressing room allows you to organize the space much better than free-standing wardrobes and chests of drawers.

Perfect organization of the place

Shelves, cabinets and drawers are a place where we can easily sort the necessary clothes, shoes, bags, ties, etc. A custom-made wardrobe has great potential, which can also be used to store home appliances, which we usually squeeze somewhere between the wardrobe on the wall (hair dryer). clothes, a working board or a vacuum cleaner).

A Danish wardrobe is a good idea for organizing your home environment, regardless of whether it is a small apartment in a block of flats or a large villa near the city. Every family has many things, clothes, shoes, and equipment that need to be hidden somewhere, and at the same time hidden so that they can be quickly found and taken out if necessary. It is for this purpose that we offer you our made-to-measure Danish SNEKEN wardrobes.

Custom-made wardrobes

Just like kitchen or bathroom furniture, we make wardrobes in the Scandinavian spirit, taking care of both simple and nice design. The design and layout of the elements ensure ergonomics of use, and the spacious cabinets and drawers hide all the necessary clothes, shoes or other items. The appearance and configuration of the interior of the wardrobes is optional – we can install various types of sections for clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.